About the Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation (CRPF)

Who We Are

The Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation (CRPF) is a nonprofit organization that advances civic harmony by way of the Tacoma Chinese Garden and Reconciliation Park on Ruston Way along Commencement Bay. The Chinese garden motif allows the park to stand both as an acknowledgment of the forceful expulsion of the Chinese population of the City of Tacoma by municipal leaders and a large crowd on November 3, 1885, and as a celebration of the city’s multicultural past, present, and future. The expulsion was an act of exclusion in response to complex conditions of the time, among them economic decline and anti-Chinese sentiment. The park is an act of reconciliation and inclusivity toward appreciation of the people of diverse legacies and interests who are part of the city as a dynamic community.

Working with the city and the state, the foundation aims to inform and also to inspire. Through pathways and structures, as well as posted signage, visitors to the park can find out about Chinese sojourners who made their way to life and work in Tacoma and later encountered civic injustice. The pathways and structures thus provide a place for contemplation but also renewal. Children can run and play, family and friends can exchange ideas, and all can be mindful of the interconnectedness of peoples.

CRPF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, currently registered with the WA Secretary of State’s office as required by law (registration number: (CHR-E95-089). Financial disclosure information may be obtained by calling 1-800-332-GIVE.

Chinese Reconciliation Park Future Plans

Though the current park is wonderful, with its location on Tacoma’s waterfront and its beautiful “Ting” pavilion- the gift of the people of Fuzhou, our Chinese Sister City, the park is not yet complete!  With a generous grant from the City of Tacoma the Foundation recently completed detailed plans for the building of the next major addition to the Park- the Multicultural Pavilion.

This building will finally bring to the park an indoor event space that can be used year-round. It is a building and surrounding plaza and pathways, evoking traditional Chinese architecture, that will seat 200 people for events of all kinds- from the Tacoma Moon Festival to weddings and many other functions.

We have always envisioned that The Chinese Reconciliation Park will include a multi-cultural pavilion sitting at the edge of Ruston Way overlooking the Puget Sound with children laughing and adults chatting. We see the pavilion as a place that all ethnic groups may come to share their problems and solutions. We see the pavilion is a place for different cultures to express their arts and folklore. We see the pavilion as a haven for children with different heritages to come to learn about their backgrounds and build their pride and self-esteem. We hope that visitors who come to admire the beauty of Puget Sound will stop at the Chinese Reconciliation Park and feel they are welcome.

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A Redefined Vantage Point for Reconciliation and Restoration by:
Jim Brennan, ASLA J.A. Brennan Associates Landscape Architect
George Lim, SEGD Tangram Design, LLC
Angela Serravo, SEGD Tangram Design, LLC

How to Volunteer and Donate

The Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation is always looking for community-minded volunteers to help with its annual festival. These volunteer tasks include festival setup & cleanup, event planning, transportation, docent tours, and other related tasks. Past festivals have seen many school clubs, employee groups, organizations and residents form the community participate as volunteers.

You can support the festival by becoming sponsors and through individual donations. CRPF also welcomes you to learn more about our mission and become a member.  CRPF memberships are offered at all levels.  Please choose the amount that is right for your budget and join today!  The CRPF is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, tax ID 91-1647325.

Tacoma Moon Festival Planning Committee
Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation
P.O. Box 7024
Tacoma, WA 98406-0024
Tel: (253) 330-8828
Email: info@TacomaChinesePark.org

Help Support this Community Event

Ways to Sponsor 2024 Tacoma Moon Festival and Future Festivals:

Harvest Moon: $5000 donation
Full Moon: $2500 donation
Half Moon: $1000 donation
Quarter Moon: $500 donation
Crescent Moon: $250 donation

All contributions are welcome