Welcome to the Virtual Fuzhou Ting Stage!

Come behind the scenes with The Tacoma Moon Festival as we visit our talented neighbors serving their communities and perpetuating their heritage traditions!

Fancy Shawl Dance-Performed by Janaika Jones and Patricia Jones

Watch members of the Nez Perce Tribe perform the “Fancy Shawl Dance”. The dance was performed by Janaika Jones and her 11 years old sister Patricia Jones. In this video, Janaika explains that the dance represents the butterfly, which is shown with the vibrant colors and light-footed movement. Janaika also explains why she feels honored to be able to perform since “We perform for people who cannot dance and elders who are not here.” Listen to the rest of Janaika’s story starting at minute one. The Nez Perce Tribe has always resided and continues to reside in north-central Idaho. The Nez Perce Reservation spans about 770,000 acres and is headquartered in Lapwai, Idaho with over 3500 enrolled members nationally. The Nez Perce call themselves Niimíipuu, meaning “The People” in their language. Today, the Nez Perce Tribe upholds many traditional ways of living including fishing, hunting, gathering, and traditional ceremonies and celebrations.

A Visit to Taste of Korea

In celebration of Korea’s cultural and culinary traditions, the Korean Women’s Association(KWA) hosted the 4th annual Taste of Korea in October 2021. Watch board members of KWA talk about traditional meanings behind the famous Korean dish Bibimbap, which are being related to the beauty of diversity in America. In addition, enjoy the beautiful musical performances including Kayagum, and the Korean long drum dance performed by members from the Morning Star Culture Center.

A Visit with Cambodian Classical and Folk Dance of the Northwest

Join this Tacoma area Cambodian dance group as they talk about their tradition, and rehearse and performs on the occasion of a Buddhist ritual ceremony and the anniversary of the temple.

A Visit to the Huong Viet Performing Arts Group

A Chinese medicine doctor in Everett is also the founder of a celebrated traditional Vietnamese music ensemble! He and his students perform on several instruments and discuss their experiences carrying on ancient traditions in Western Washington.

A Visit to T.U.P.A.C. Summer Dance Camp

The Tacoma Urban Performing Arts Company (T.U.P.A.C.), the acclaimed ballet school on Tacoma’s Hilltop takes time in the summer to offer a multi-tradition dance camp for local kids. Come visit the fun as we focus on West African Dance.

Tahitian Dance and Fire Knife Dance-Performed by Ora Nui Tahitian Dance Troup

Tahitian Dance is also called ‘Ori Tahiti in Tahitian Language. The two types of dances that performed by the Ora Nui Tahitian Dance Troupe are the ‘Ote’a and the ‘Aparima. The ‘Ote’a is a fast-paced dance, which is characterized by rapid hip-moving motions with lively drumbeats. In contrast, the ‘Aparima tends to be slower with more graceful movements. Watch Charlie Okada, Mika Milne, Maria Monroy, and Kaniala Kurkowski explain why the culture is important to them, and how they are carrying on their culture heritage.

A Croatian Anniversary in Tacoma

The Slavonian American Benevolent Society (SABS) celebrates 120 (plus!) years of Croatian culture in Tacoma Washington. Hear some immigrant stories and join local Puget Sound area Croatian music groups as they help celebrate in Tacoma’s Old Town.

A Visit to the Seu Mi Sa Korean Buddhist Temple during the ChuSeok Festival

Members of the Seu Mi Sa Korean Buddhist Temple in Tacoma talk about the Thanksgiving/Harvest Festival of ChuSeok and participate in Buddhist and ancestor services at their beautiful temple. Along the way, we also drop in to the Asia Pacific Cultural Center’s celebration of ChuSeok.

A Visit With Monday Ukulele Ohana

The founders of this popular Lakewood Hawaiian music group talk about Hawaiian music, the ukulele, and its use in various professional Hawaiian music groups around the Puget Sound region, including Northwest Blend.

The Vietnamese Vu Lan Festival in Tacoma

A visit to the Loving Kindness Meditation Center in Tacoma on the occasion of the Vu Lan Festival. This beautiful ceremony and celebration is like Mother’s Day for Vietnamese Buddhists.

The 2021 Obon Festival at the Tacoma Japanese Buddhist Temple

In August 2021 the Shin Buddhist Temple in Tacoma, Washington pivoted during the pandemic and put on a drive-through Obon Festival, complete with drumming from Fuji Taiko. Meet the Reverend Tadao Koyama and Robert and Junko Yatsuuye as they continue Japanese and Buddhist traditions that have been in Tacoma for more than 100 years!

Fire Knife Dance-Performed by Napunui Gabriel, Joseph Cadousteau

Fire Knife dance comes from Samoa. It is a cultural practice which has roots in demonstrating warrior’s abilities in battles. Watch Napunui and World Fire-knife Champion Joseph twirl, throw, catch, and dance with a Fire Knife. Listen to Napunui and Joseph explain why they love to perform the Fire Knife Dance.

The Karnatic Veena

PLU Chemistry Professor Sailaja Arungundram introduces her instrument- the Veena, from the Southern Indian Karnatic tradition. Her daughter Shriya joins in, explaining some of the musical and cultural concepts behind the performance.

Samoan Students at the University of Washington Tacoma

Follow three University of Washington Tacoma students originally from Samoa as they go through their busy days- working, studying and making really good home-cooked food!

Tacoma Refugee Choir

The Tacoma Refugee Choir is firmly committed to diversity, equity, access and inclusion and strives to embed these principles in everything they do.  This includes their approach to singing. To provide a more equitable and welcoming space: No audition is required, musical training is not needed, and participation is free. Their repertoire includes songs that speak of love, hope, social justice, commitment, and belonging. Many songs are sung in English and members will sometimes share songs in their native tongues.  Additionally, they co-create original songs with members based on their stories and experiences.

This performance video takes a stand against anti-Asian and Pacific Islander violence and was produced this past summer.