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Hi, my name is Jeffrey McIntosh, I am pu-erh tea specialist, cultural liaison and a passionate tea drinker. I have been studying and building tea companies for more than a decade.

I have had the honor to train under a renowned Chinese tea master, lived in Yunnan while becoming proficient in mandarin Chinese, and gained a thorough understanding of the international tea market. Since then, I have started multiple US-based tea companies that worked directly with Chinese farms and suppliers. You may have heard of some of the companies and projects I worked on like; McIntosh Tea, Smacha, Xian Chan Tea, inc., Teabook and Denong.

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What is Pu-erh?

How to Brew Raw Pu-erh

How to Brew Ripe Pu-erh

All About Tea :
A Webinar presented by Jeffrey McIntosh

October 30, 6:00-7:00PM (PST)
Webinar, Registration required

In this All About Tea Webinar, co-hosted by the 8th Tacoma Moon Festival and the Asian Studies Program at University of Puget Sound, tea expert Jeffrey McIntosh will take you into the world of Pu-erh tea and the Chinese tea market, and will provide a glimpse of the Vietnamese tea culture.

Space is limited. Please register​ and save your spot ASAP.

How Loose Leaf Tea affects the Body (with Vietnamese Subtitles):

Floating Leaves Tea
1704 NW Market St.
Seattle, WA 98107

Floating Leaves Tea

Floating Leaves Tea is a family business that sources single estate teas through Taiwanese growers, roasters and old-school wholesalers. When a new customer walks into our shop, we hope to impress this one thing upon them: Good quality tea can take you further than you have ever imagined!

This is a virtual version of a tea class we planned to schedule at University of Puget Sound in April of this year. Now that we aren’t able to come in person, we decided to make this our first virtual tea class!

The goal of the class is to introduce participants to Taiwanese oolongs, and how we’ve learned to get the most out of them from the masters in Taiwan. If you would like to purchase the teas and drink along (highly recommended) you can find them through this link below.

Tea Art of China

Tea Art of China founder Yin Na

Tea Art of China founder Yin Na

Tea Art of China founder Yin Na is a Senior Tea Art Specialist from Chongqing in Southwest China. She is certified by the Chinese government to teach all 3 levels of the Tea Art Specialist courses. She is an author, lecturer, and calligraphy professor with a PhD in Chinese art history.

Through her book and website, “Tea Art of China”, Yin Na is connecting with people around the world to understand all things regarding the beauty and history of Chinese tea culture and hopes to share her love of tea with the world.

About Golden Flower Dark Tea

For many centuries, the golden fungus in Hunan Province dark tea has been a dietary supplement to the people of Tibet. This unique probiotic strain of dark tea is also called the probiotic of the Overlord Germ. Clinical studies have shown the bacteria can effectively inhibit the proliferation of colon, gastric and liver cancer cells. Under a high magnifying glass, the golden flower is golden yellow, shaped like a spherical mushroom.

Golden Flower, also known as Fu-brick tea, has become the hot spot of various scientific research institutions in the world. Recent Hunan Agricultural University studies have found that eurotium cristatum (Golden Flower) can play an active role in prolonging the life span of human beings. In addition, it also has a very significant effect on the improvement of intestinal, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes and other chronic diseases.