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Jan Parker Cookery

Best Chef 2020 South Sound Magazine

Jan Parker Cookery is a mobile food service offering Fresh & Distinct Filipino Food. We have a booth at the Proctor & Broadway Farmers Market. In addition to food, we really love the community we have built through selling our cuisine. Our vegetables and farm fresh eggs come from Share the Wealth Organics, a woman owned farm in Tacoma.  It’s important for us to have relationships with local food producers to create a sustainable future.

Chef Jan Parker’s parents are from the Philippines.  Her mother is from Manila and her Father is from Pampanga.  Filipinx culture revolves around food.  Where there’s food there’s family and laughter.  Chef Jan really enjoys how food can bring joy to people.  She has recently won Best Chef in the South Sound 2020.  One day she hopes to open up a commissary kitchen for Immigrants and Refugees, where she can mentor and assist people in opening their food business.

Please enjoy the video showcasing a spin on squash ginataan.  Ginataan is anything cooked with coconut and aromatics.  Mabuhay!


Hello! My name is Bayani Inclano Jr, or chef B. Where do I start? I love to cook and eat food. I’m a Filipino, born and raised in Guam, and now currently inhabiting the city of Oakland, California.

Representing Filipino food in a way that’s representative of my culinary life experiences has always been the way I wanted to create it. It has and will always be a multicultural gathering on a plate, or bowl. Filipino food to me means family gatherings, toro toro restaurants, and the dinner table in my childhood home.

Today I am a sous chef at Pixar Animation Studios. I am surrounded by creatives and it drives me to be much more unique but still respectful of what Filipino food originally means to me. Thank you for your time. Paalam.


Floating Leaves Tea
1704 NW Market St.
Seattle, WA 98107

Floating Leaves Tea

Floating Leaves Tea is a family business that sources single estate teas through Taiwanese growers, roasters and old-school wholesalers. When a new customer walks into our shop, we hope to impress this one thing upon them: Good quality tea can take you further than you have ever imagined!

This is a virtual version of a tea class we planned to schedule at University of Puget Sound in April of this year. Now that we aren’t able to come in person, we decided to make this our first virtual tea class!

The goal of the class is to introduce participants to Taiwanese oolongs, and how we’ve learned to get the most out of them from the masters in Taiwan. If you would like to purchase the teas and drink along (highly recommended) you can find them through this link below.

Tea Art of China founder Yin Na
Tea Art of China founder Yin Na

Tea Art of China

Tea Art of China founder Yin Na is a Senior Tea Art Specialist from Chongqing in Southwest China. She is certified by the Chinese government to teach all 3 levels of the Tea Art Specialist courses. She is an author, lecturer, and calligraphy professor with a PhD in Chinese art history.

Through her book and website, “Tea Art of China”, Yin Na is connecting with people around the world to understand all things regarding the beauty and history of Chinese tea culture and hopes to share her love of tea with the world.


Pacific Northwest Shop and Proctor Mercantile

The Pacific Northwest Shop
2702 N Proctor St
Tacoma, WA 98407253

The Moon Festival Wine has arrived from St. Hilaire Winery in Eastern Washington. The labels are BEAUTIFUL! The story of the Jade Rabbit on the back of each bottle and the front has the beautiful artwork of the Jade Rabbit with his mortar and pestle, the view from Commencement Bay looking back at Chinese Reconciliation Park in historic Old Town Tacoma and the large numbers 2020. We only have 72 bottles! 48 Cabs and 24 Pinot Gris. The cost is $18/bottle with all proceeds benefitting the Chinese reconciliation Project Foundation. Both the Cab and the Pinot won gold medals, proudly displaying a gold medal sticker on each bottle. The wine is now available and on display at the Pacific Northwest Shop in Proctor. To purchase, please call 253.752.2242. The shop is open 7 days a week so you can arrange a convenient pickup time.

Wingman Brewery

Wingman Brewers Tacoma Taproom
509 Puyallup Ave
Tacoma, WA 98421

Little Radio Restaurant
728 Pacific Ave
Tacoma, WA 98402


Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation Online Store

The team of Tangram Design has been designing the beloved Tacoma Moon Festival posters for many years. This year is no exception. This year’s festival poster design features a Jade Rabbit, a symbol of selflessness, piety, and sacrifice in Chinese culture. With a mortar and pestle, the rabbit works constantly mixing the elixir of life and medicine to heal mortals. In this design, you will see that the medical plus sign is purposefully used for the stars, the graphic is in a paper-cut style using geometric shapes, and the perspective is meant to be looking back at the park from Commencement Bay. In 2020, the health of our community has suffered greatly. We present the Jade Rabbit as the Festival’s mascot of healing magic and the virtue of giving, and to promote the wellness of our community in these tough times.