Dear Friends:
The Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation is pleased to announce our 9th annual Tacoma Moon Festival, which will be celebrated virtually online! Due to the pandemic, the Tacoma Moon Festival will not be a live, in-person event in 2021. However, imagine a beautiful graphic representation of the Park that you can visit from home. As you move around the map on your screen, you can visit the welcome information booth, the Ting Stage with its many live performances, vendor booths, kids’ activity booths, the story and calligraphy booths, the tea ceremony, food vendor stalls, the beer and wine garden, and even the much-loved t-shirt and poster sales booth. A comprehensive Moon Festival experience right on your computer!

The Tacoma Moon Festival is an event that celebrates diversity within our great City of Tacoma with emphasis on introducing the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and the legend of the Moon Princess. The day is meant to share the arts and heritage of Tacoma’s many different immigrant cultures through stage performances, crafts and other activities. In the past, the Tacoma Moon Festival has attracted more than 3,000 festival goers. Receiving great media attention through our local TV, radio station, newspapers and social media, this event provides an important opportunity for building community and connections.
The virtual 2021 Tacoma Moon Festival website will be launched on October 1. 2021. This online format will allow us to continue this annual celebration of the rich diversity of culture in Tacoma today, brought here by our immigrant communities over the 150 years of the city’s history.

The Chinese Reconciliation Project hopes to spread the message of reconciliation and cultural harmony through education. Our mission is to provide as much opportunity as we can to show how cultural wealth can unify us all. As we continue to promote our message of inclusion and harmony in diversity, I hope that you can see the value in our efforts and will support what promises to be another great event.

We invite you to please join us for the Tacoma Moon Festival and to consider being a sponsor for our event. The Tacoma Moon Festival offers a great marketing opportunity for your organization to network with thousands of people within our diverse community. Thank you for your kind consideration. I hope to see you at the festival this year!

Theresa Pan Hosley
President, Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation

The Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation is a 501c3 organization. Our Tax ID is 91-1647325.

Help Support this Community Event

Ways to Sponsor 2021 Tacoma Moon Festival and Future Festivals:

Harvest Moon: $5000 donation
Full Moon: $2500 donation
Half Moon: $1000 donation
Quarter Moon: $500 donation
Crescent Moon: $250 donation