The 9th Tacoma Moon Festival

In the Year of the Metal Ox

Welcome to the Ninth Annual Tacoma Moon Festival!

We acknowledge that The Tacoma Moon Festival and all of Tacoma’s citizens are on the traditional homelands of the Puyallup Tribe. The Puyallup people have lived on and stewarded these lands since the beginning of time, and continue to do so today. We recognize that this land acknowledgement is one small step toward true allyship and we commit to uplifting the voices, experiences, and histories of the Indigenous people of this land and beyond.

Presented by the Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation (CRPF), the Tacoma Moon Festival is an annual celebration held at the Chinese Reconciliation Park to honor the rich, diverse cultures of the Puget Sound region, brought here by our immigrant communities over the 150+ years of the city’s history.

Due to the pandemic, the 9th Tacoma Moon Festival is again an online presentation.

Our focus this year is “Behind the Scenes”- and features a number of original videos taking you “backstage”- to meet the performers as they rehearse and talk about their heritage music and dance traditions, to meet cooks and makers of bubble tea, and to take a special, intimate visit to four Tacoma area Buddhist Temples during Festivals.

You will also find videos of the historical background to the Park and a link to walking tours of downtown Tacoma locations where Chinese and Japanese businesses were in the late 19th century and early 20th centuries.  Hear a reading by local author Judy Carlson Hulbert from her new young adult novel about the experience of several young people during the time of the Chinese Expulsion in 1885.  You can pick up a mooncake recipe or download a kid’s activity on the activity page. This year’s festival poster, designed by local graphic designer Rosemary Bennett, features the Moon Goddess Chang E, smiling over a celestial Moon-as-Mooncake, which shines down onto the peaceful Chinese Reconciliation Park. Festival t-shirts and posters with this special design are available for order.

The 9th annual Tacoma Moon Festival would not be possible without community support.  Major event sponsors include Annie Wright Schools, Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation,  Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, KBTC, MultiCare, Tacoma Arts Commission, Tacoma Creates, The Gottfried and Mary Fuchs Foundation​, Dr. Zheng Ge & Lucy Zhou, Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, Sperry Marine Dock Ltd. Neptune Seafood, Inc., C W Frederick & Theresa CC Wong, James & Vicki Murphy, Arlene Joe and Richard Woo, Bill and Ann Evans.

Moon Festival Message from Tacoma Mayor Victoria Woodards

Chinese Reconciliation Park Tours

History Tour with Bill Baarsma
President of Tacoma Historical Society

Park Tour with Lihuang Wung
Project Manager (2009-2016)

2021 Tacoma Moon Festival Sponsors



Chinese Reconciliation Project Foundation

Tacoma Creates





Tacoma Arts Commission

Annie Wright Schools


The Gottfried and Mary Fuchs Foundation


Greater Tacoma Community Foundation

Sperry Ocean Dock Ltd.

Neptune Seafood, Inc.

C W Frederick & Theresa CC Wong

Lucy Zhou and Dr. Ge

James and Vicki Murphy

Arlene Joe and Richard Woo

Bill and Ann Evans

Pamela and Kurt Mayer Fund

Moon Festival 2021