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Paper Sculpture Artist Lihua Kao

The realistic 3-D paper sculpture is a form of paper art, each of which is unique. They are made of paper with care, precision, love & creativity. These artworks are one of a kind by artist Kao.

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The Wind Will Not Stop

The book sets the story of a boy living in Tacoma against the backdrop of this 1885 event.  The title of the book comes from the Chinese proverb which sums up that volatile time: “The trees want to remain quiet, but the wind will not stop. (Despite wishing for peace, trouble is brewing).”

“The Wind Will Not Stop” is available from the following local stores and is also available from Amazon.

The Pacific Northwest Shop
Teaching Toys
Kings Books

This book  is available from Amazon:



Hello! My name is Bayani Inclano Jr, or chef B. Where do I start? I love to cook and eat food. I’m a Filipino, born and raised in Guam, and now currently inhabiting the city of Oakland, California.

Representing Filipino food in a way that’s representative of my culinary life experiences has always been the way I wanted to create it. It has and will always be a multicultural gathering on a plate, or bowl. Filipino food to me means family gatherings, toro toro restaurants, and the dinner table in my childhood home.

Today I am a sous chef at Pixar Animation Studios. I am surrounded by creatives and it drives me to be much more unique but still respectful of what Filipino food originally means to me. Thank you for your time. Paalam.


McIntosh Tea

Hi, my name is Jeffrey McIntosh, I am pu-erh tea specialist, cultural liaison and a passionate tea drinker. I have been studying and building tea companies for more than a decade.

I have had the honor to train under a renowned Chinese tea master, lived in Yunnan while becoming proficient in mandarin Chinese, and gained a thorough understanding of the international tea market. Since then, I have started multiple US-based tea companies that worked directly with Chinese farms and suppliers. You may have heard of some of the companies and projects I worked on like; McIntosh Tea, Smacha, Xian Chan Tea, inc., Teabook and Denong.

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FAKE Pu-erh – What is it or is it just Mislabeled?


Sourcing Tea – Individual V.S. Business

Tea Art of China founder Yin Na
Tea Art of China founder Yin Na

Tea Art of China

Tea Art of China founder Yin Na is a Senior Tea Art Specialist from Chongqing in Southwest China. She is certified by the Chinese government to teach all 3 levels of the Tea Art Specialist courses. She is an author, lecturer, and calligraphy professor with a PhD in Chinese art history.

Through her book and website, “Tea Art of China”, Yin Na is connecting with people around the world to understand all things regarding the beauty and history of Chinese tea culture and hopes to share her love of tea with the world.

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Tea Artist



Korean Women’s Association

Follow along with the founder of KWA Sulja Warnick as she talks about the background of the organization, how it grows and their mission and vision. In addition, board chair Yoni Yi talked about her experience working with KWA.

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